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The Revolutionary War
Friendly Letter
Effects Of War Essay
Compare and Contrast Essay
My Brother Sam is Dead
Friendly Leter

                                                   243 Wooden Tr.
                                                 Redding, Connecticut
                                                   November 20, 1778
Dear Ferdinand,
       How is life going on the battle grounds? Life here on the property is hard work. Without you, it is hared keeping up the tavern and the candle shop. We really need you back with us.
       You know how much we are worried about you, especially Father. PLease come home to us as soon as you can, and whenever your enlistment is up, please come home to us and don't re-enlist. You don't know how much we need you back here. You also don't need to be in any more danger than you already are.
        Your soldiers come by here often and keep butchering out cows. Money is running low and there are barely and cows to sell. Prices on goods have gone way up, and it's hard keeping the supplies up to a good quantity.
        This war has been useless and it needs to stop. It has caused loved ones to die and people to starve. Everything is terrible! Please come home to your family! Good luck and be safe.
Your brother,
Malcolm Griffin