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The Revolutionary War
Effects of War Essay
Effects Of War Essay
Compare and Contrast Essay
My Brother Sam is Dead
Friendly Leter

         War, it affects us?


         In the book “My Brother Sam is Dead,” society and families are affected in many various ways. War affects society by raising prices on goods and supplies. War affects families by devastation. People can be affected by war in many different ways.


          War affects society by businesses being put down, weapons being taken away for war, and the destruction of property and land. By the raising of prices up, people suffer trying to make a living. Such as the Meeker family, trying to keep up the tavern was difficult because they were running low of food, beer, rum, and whiskey. War could especially affect a farmer’s way of growing crops. It could destroy the land so farmers couldn’t plant crops. War put society under an army’s command.


          Families are affected by war the most. Food shortages, lack of money, and trying to keep up family or private owned businesses, were some of the many conflicts during the Revolutionary War. Since the soldiers were coming in and out of houses, many families lacked food. The Meekers had only soup to eat after soldiers from both sides came in and out. It was hard for the Meekers to keep up the tavern with the prices rising. War also affected families because they would sometimes lose a loved one. When losing a member out of the family, work was harder around the house and farm. When Timothy lost his brother Sam and his father, he had to do double the work and keep up with the house, tavern, and farm.


          War was a dangerous cause and affected many people in all sorts of ways. War always affected somebody in some kind of way. It even affected people when they didn’t expect it to. It also is not a favorite to a lot of people. Some people don’t think it is the right way to solve things, and others do.